Midweek Groups

We get it, Sundays can be hard to schedule. Join us in the midweek. 

Pastor Led Bible Study

Wednesday | 6:30pm | Room #154
They will be studying lectionary texts from the prior Sunday morning bulletin. This study is open to all adults of all ages.

Real Moms

Wednesday | 6:30pm | Room #163
Bible study for moms with children in the home. Join for community, acountability, prayer, and Bible study. 

Prayer Group

Wednesday | 10:00am | Sanctuary
Year Round
Open to all to attend, join our group for a time of prayer for our community prayer list.

The Truth Project

Monday | 6:30pm | Room TBD
Awaiting next cycle
The Truth Project is a ground-breaking small group curriculum on the Biblical worldview. This video-based home Bible study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective.

Divorce Care

Wednesday | 6:30pm | Room #161
Open to men and women of all ages going through a separation or divorce. Divorce Care offers support, answers, and practical tools to help you manage the many stresses of separation and divorce and find healing.

Grief Toolbox

Thursday | 6:30pm | Room #161
Awaiting next cycle
Grief Toolbox offers hope to the bereaved.  Contact the leader below to receive more specific information about the group and their processes.

Ladies Bible Study | Farmer House

Thursday | 10:00am | Contact for address
Bible study open to all ladies of all ages.
We will be studying the book of Psalms.
Come join us!

Ladies Bible Study | Auburn Village

Thursday | 10:00am | Auburn Village Clubhouse
Bible study open to all ladies of all ages. They will be studying 1 & 2 Peter by John MacArthur. 


Self Paced | Online
In-depth discussion questions on each section of the book. Discussion questions will be sent out by email, one section at a time, along with a link to an audio discussion group in Carolyn’s Zoom meeting room. Each audio recording is about one hour long.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Sunday | 5:00pm | Room #142
This is a community partnership hosted by Mount Moriah. Please contact the leader below or call the church office for more specific information. We would love to come alongside you and support your journey to freedom. 

Sermon On The Mount

Sunday | 5:00pm | Room TBD
Awaiting nexy cycle
Most of us have only encountered the Sermon on the Mount in fragments, considering its subdivisions as complete teachings in their own right. This 9-session study will give you the opportunity to do study through the Sermon On The Mount as they were orignially heard. Come and learn from Jesus, just as His disciples did.

Greenhouse Groups

In Homes | Self Scheduled
Greenhouse Groups are intended to be closed small discipleship groups that meet outside of usual church meeting times.  If you would like to start or join a Greenhouse Group, please contact pastor Michael or Allie on the link below.  We'll help you find a small group that best fits your needs 

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