Sunday School

Join us for fellowship, Sundays | 9:30am-10:45am 


Sunday | 9:30am | Room #148
Learn about the foundation of our faith to discover how God brings us from death to life, from fallen to free.
For young adults, ages 18-35. 

Mixed Nuts

Sunday | 9:30am | Room #142
Interactive, deiscussion driven group geared towards young couples. 

The Living Word

Sunday | 9:30am | Room #150
Mixed aged adults walking through the "Explore The Bible Curriculum".

Serving Hearts

Sunday | 9:30am | Room #144
For single women over the age of 30.

Truth Seekers

Sunday | 9:30am | Room #161
For ages 55 and older Bible Studies for Life curriculum.


Sunday | 9:30am | Room #162
For couples & singles. Lecture & discussion. Bible Studies for Life curriculum.

Good News

Sunday | 9:30am | Room #154
Bible Studies for Life curriculum, couples and singles, questions and discussion.

New Beginnings

Sunday | 9:30am | Room #141
For mixed ages. Bible Study with discussion


Sunday | 9:30am | Room #163
Lecture series format with discussion.


Sunday | 9:30am | Currently Not Meeting
In-depth Bible study lecture & discussion.

Friendly Couples

Sunday | 9:30am | Fellowship Hall
For couples, ages 50+. Bible Studies for Life curriculum

Mary & Martha

Sunday | 9:30am | Sanctuary
For mixed older adults.
Bible Studies for Life curriculum.

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